November 08, 2019

MO State Board of Nursing reaches milestone of licensing 100 individuals through the Air Force’s education and training program

The Missouri State Board of Nursing has placed a strong emphasis on collaboration with the military by working to incorporate and recognize education, training, and/or service received and completed into the qualifications to apply for licensure as a practical nurse. 

Since March 22, 2017, the Board of Nursing has licensed 107 individuals who completed the Air Force’s education and training program. This partnership has allowed the Board of Nursing to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the education and training programs offered by the Air Force and through relationships developed with Air Force leadership, offer a streamlined licensing process for qualified applicants.

“If there’s a message we could convey to our veterans, it’s that if you have a military education, Missouri wants you,” says Lori Scheidt, Executive Director of the MO State Board of Nursing. “We are very proud of our ongoing emphasis on military partnerships that make it possible for us to help our veterans transfer their military training to a civilian nursing career.”

The Board has in place a Military Task Force with active military, retired military and public partners who work continuously to explore ways to help transition active duty military professionals to successful civilian careers. In addition to easing the transition for veterans into the civilian workforce, this is an action that also addresses the need to increase the number of licensed nurses in the state which is currently facing a shortage of qualified nurses.

“This program provided financial security for my family and me while I was transitioning out of the Air Force and into civilian life,” said Taylir McCoy, who received her license through the program in 2017. “I was an aerospace medical technician and already operated at an LPN level. I was able to continue working at the skill level I earned while in the military. I have already recommended this option to others who have reached out to me as they look at transitioning into a civilian career.” 

“As we honor our military for their service, I’d like to commend the partnerships our state has in place to acknowledge the important training they received while they served and to license them for that profession in Missouri. We’re proud of our Missouri Board of Nursing for their support of our military veterans as they continue their careers,” Governor Parson said.