October 22, 2020

CONSUMER ALERT: Missouri Acupuncturist Advisory Committee Warns of Scam Targeting Licensees

Jefferson City – The Missouri Acupuncturist Advisory Committee has received a number of reports from licensees who have been contacted by phone claiming they are being investigated and their licenses are in danger of being suspended.

Those reporting calls to the Committee office say they received a phone call and the caller ID appears to be from the Acupuncturist Advisory Committee’s official phone number (573) 526-1555. The caller identified himself as Robert Johnson, an investigator for the “Board of Acupuncturist”, who is contacting them on behalf of the FBI. He has their name and their license number. The caller says the licensee is being investigated because of drugs or other types of offenses. Licensees who have received calls have reported that the person threatens suspension of their license or FBI involvement.

“An investigator for our committees/boards will never initiate first contact to a licensee regarding an investigation by phone,” said Gloria Lindsey, the Executive Director for the Missouri Acupuncturist Advisory Committee.

Lindsey says licensees should also be aware that an investigator will never:

  • Initiate first contact about an investigation of a licensee by phone, asking for their social security number or date of birth
  • Disclose an investigation by another agency or identify the agency’s name – ever
  • Inform a licensee that they are being investigated or share details of an investigation through a phone call

Lindsey said if an individual is contacted by an investigator or inspector identifying themselves with the Acupuncturist Advisory Committee or “Board of Acupuncturist”, they can contact the Committee office to confirm the validity of their identity at (573) 526-1555.