May 03, 2022

CONSUMER ALERT: Missouri Licensing Boards Warn Consumers of a reported scam

The Missouri Board of Pharmacy and the Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts are alerting license holders about a mail scam targeting licensed physicians in the state.

A Missouri licensed physician alerted the Board of Pharmacy office after receiving a letter that purported to be from the Missouri Board of Medicine. It was on official-looking paper, and contained identifying information, including a license number, registered address, and the signature of the Acting Division Director. 

The letter appeared to notify the physician that his license was being suspended for illegal drug trafficking and cited federal and Missouri statutes. The letter identified an Officer in Charge from the Missouri Board of Pharmacy and the Board’s phone number. 

The physician called the Board of Pharmacy office to obtain verification of this action and learned this letter was not an official letter generated by either Board office. 

If a licensee receives a letter from a licensing board, they are encouraged to:

  • Call the official Board office phone number found on their website
  • Check for information that may seem “out of place.” For instance, there is no “Missouri Board of Medicine,” instead, there is a “Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts.”
  • If you are asked to provide identifying information by phone or email, DO NOT GIVE THAT INFORMATION. The Missouri boards will not ask you to provide this information in this manner. 
  • Do not provide any banking or credit card information by phone or email.
  • Be careful that the email addresses and web addresses contained in these types of communications are legitimate government addresses. They should have a in their domain name

Please contact the appropriate board office immediately to report this type of scam. 

Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts: 

Missouri Board of Pharmacy: