July 07, 2020

Missouri licensed psychologists can now practice under a multi-state compact

As of July 1, 2020, licensed psychologists in Missouri and twelve other states can now apply to practice telepsychology and/or conduct temporary face-to-face practice across state boundaries under the authority of the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT). This allows these licensed professionals to practice across state lines legally and ethically without requiring that an individual practitioner become licensed in every state. This increases access and efficiency for both practitioners and consumers.

Access to care is key to the PSYPACT mission. Providing continuity of care is important as clients/patients relocate for work, school, and retirement. This also allows psychologists to have greater access to reach populations that are currently underserved, geographically isolated or lack specialty care.

Missouri was one of the original PSYPACT states and Pam Groose, Executive Director of the State Committee of Psychologists, serves on the PSYPACT Commission.

“We are extremely happy that our licensees now have an opportunity to increase their mobility in their practice,” said Groose. “Increased mobility can not only help in recruiting qualified professionals in our state, but it also helps us when we need to respond to disasters when necessary. Our consumers can also benefit by having the advantage of continuity of care from their psychologist, even as they change their location to pursue their education, career, or life goals.”

Licensees who wish to apply to practice under the authority of PSYPACT can do so by visiting www.psypact.org